When your internet router does not work the best alternative is your mobile data. But what package is best for you and where you can find these packages. If your mind is full of such questions don’t worry, we will help you out with this blog post. In this blog post we will discuss all the major companies and their internet packages. So if you are a Ufone, Jazz, Zong or Telenor Sim users you don’t have to go anywhere else all companies’ internet packages are given below. Let’s start.

1. Ufone Internet Packages:

There was a time when Ufone was very viral. we still love Ufone funny ads and hope you loved their creative ads too. The Ufone is the most economical sim of all time. their packages are very economical therefore many people use Ufone. The internet Packages of Ufone are given below in detail. for your understanding we divide this section into three different headings as per your requirements which are daily, weekly, and monthly. For real-time updates see their packages on their website.

a. Ufone Daily Internet Packages:

The following are the daily internet packages that you can avail on your Ufone sim. Their daily internet package is starting from Rs. 6. See the detail of Ufone daily internet package below.

b. Ufone Weekly Internet Packages:

There are only two weekly bundles that are offered by Ufone company to their audience. The details of these packages are given below.

c. Ufone Monthly Internet Packages:

The Ufone monthly internet bundles are given below. See the activation code for activation. The monthly packages are starting from 390 rupees. in which you will get a total of 3 GB and the highest paid package is of 12GB for 1560 rupees.

d. Other Packages:

There are some other internet packages that Ufone offers other than weekly, daily, and monthly. Check out this 3 Day Bucket in which you will get 600 MBs. 500MBs are specifically for WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, and Line. The rest of the 100MBs are for the internet.

Unsubscribe the Offer:

  • For opening internet bundles in your handset Dial *3# and select your desired bundle

Check Remaining MBs:

  • For checking remaining Internet MBs dial *706#

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2. Jazz Internet Packages:

Jazz is the biggest telecommunication company in Pakistan. They also provide the Jazz Cash offer which is the mobile banking facilities. After the merger of Warid with Mobilink their monthly users increased. Therefore they have tones of offers. But we only mentioned a few of them here. Their offer prices may change weekly or monthly therefore it is suggested to check their official website always for the confirmation. Click here to see their official website and offers.

a. Jazz Daily Internet Packages:

These are the best jazz offers for daily users. daily packages are starting from 5.98 rupees which is slightly lower than the Ufone. Choose your best one offer and dial activation code for activating the offer.

b. Jazz Weekly Internet Packages:

when you plan for a 2 weeks travel trip with your friends then weekly packages are helpful. Weekly internet packages of Jazz are the following.

c. Jazz Monthly Internet Packages:

If you are looking for monthly internet packages, then here are the jazz monthly internet package for you. These packages are starting from 120 rupees and the final bundle is for 885 rupees. This means Ufone is the only network that is giving the highest amount of internet package.

d. Other Packages:

Just like Ufone Jazz also offer 3-day internet packages and they are offering 2 packages. one is for 2 Am to 2 PM and the other is for full time. The prices, detail, and activation procedure of each bundle is given below.

For easy excess download the mobile jazz app and use whatever bundle you want to use.

Check Remaining MBs:

  • If you don’t have one you can still check your remaining MBs and package on your handset. Just dial your activation code by adding 2 at the end. So if you want to check your remaining MBs in 3 Day Extreme then you have to dial  *114*14*2#

Unsubscribe the Offer:

  • For unsubscribing their offer Type  Unsub and send it to 6611.

3. Zong Internet Packages:

Zong company is best known for its fastest internet. It’s the Chinese company which is providing good services to its Pakistani users. Zong also holds the title of first-ever mobile network company that launched 4G internet in Pakistan. Their internet packages are also divided in to daily, weekly, and monthly. Not only that but they also have some important other internet packages that no other telecommunication company is not providing. Let’s read about all of these internet packages. See their website for more details

a. Zong Daily Internet Packages:

The following are the best daily internet packages. The minimum price from where they are starting is 16 rupees plus tax. And you don’t have to dial specific code on every bundle just visit their website or dial this open activation menu by dialing *6464#

b. Zong Weekly Internet Packages:

Zong is providing the limited bundles on weekly internet packages but they focus on quality rather than quantity. Therefore, unlike Jazz users, you don’t have to be confused while choosing. Just choose between these bundles and enjoy your browsing.

c. Zong Monthly Internet Packages:

Monthly internet packages of Zong are also economical they start with 50 Rupees plus tax and their last monthly offer is cheaper than any other telecommunication brand. See the details below.

d. Other Packages:

Just like other companies Zong also provides other internet packages but their packages are different. Unlike 3 days offer they offer 1-day special bundles. They are providing a special eCommerce bundle in which you will get 50MBs that you can use on Daraz, Kaymu, PakWheels, and Carmudi only in rupees five plus tax.

  • For activating any bundle visit their website, enter your number and hit subscribe. But for activating manually you need to dial *6464#

Check Remaining MBs:

  • For checking usage detail you have to Dial *102#, charges of Rs. 0.10 + Tax will be charged.


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4. Telenor Internet Packages:

Telenor is also the best company. They have access to every such place where no other company can reach. They provide good services in hilly stations in Pakistan. So if you are in Skardu or Muree you will not face the single problems. Telenor company also launched easy paisa for mobile banking in 2009 and therefore they are the pioneer of mobile banking. If you are looking for Telenor internet package, then here the all of the possible best internet package Telenor is providing to their customers. For the latest update or changes in charge you can visit their website by clicking here.

a. Telenor Daily Internet Packages:

The daily internet package is starting with 1.19 rupees which means Telenor is also the only brand that is providing the minimum amount bundle. See the details of daily internet packages below.

b. Telenor Weekly Internet Packages:

If you have a new sim, then you will get 1.5 GB internet free. Not only that but are also providing 1.5 GB free WhatsApp for their regular customers. See the detail of all of the weekly packages below.

 c. Telenor Monthly Internet Packages:

Now almost everyone is using 4G sims. If not, you can simply replace it form anyone of the franchise. They are providing good internet offers. The detail of each offer is given below. Read and select your favorite one.

d. Other Packages:

Like Jazz and Ufone. Telenor also provides the 3 days offer and their 3 Day offer is better than any other brand. They are providing 1GB internet in 44 rupees. See the details below.

Check Remaining MBs:

  • For checking remaining MBs you have to dial *999#. Like Zong, they also charge you the minimal fee of 0.20 rupees for checking

These are the internet package of all telecommunication companies running in Pakistan. If you find this blog helpful do comment below and share it with your friend who is looking for all of these companies’ internet packages. Don’t forget to subscribe to or YouTube channel phonebox.pk for daily updates.