Huawei Honor Mobiles Prices In Pakistan.

Huawei is the third mobile phone company that comes among the top mobile phone brands after Apple and Samsung. Huawei mobiles are not only high quality but they are also up to the standard of their audience. The Honor brand by Huawei is specifically for young consumers. A few examples of innovation and high-quality products…

Huawei P40 Specification
Huawei P40 Specifications – The Best Phone Ever Launched.

Huawei is a Chinese mobile phone manufacturing company and with its high-quality phones, they manage to make an important place in the mobile market of Pakistan. After reading Huawei p40 specifications and features you cannot deny the fact that its a flagship phone. Huawei P40 Specifications & Features: Huawei announced its flagship phone. Let’s read…

Honor 30S 5G

Honor is a brand by Huawei Tech. It is famous for smartphone and tablet productions. Honor is about to launch one of its most exciting smartphones called Honor 30S 5G. This smartphone will be released on Jun 22, 2020. One of the best things in this smartphone is its camera which is 64 megapixels and…

HUAWEI P40 Pro Latest News
HUAWEI P40 Pro Latest News

We are all aware of the issues Huawei has been facing with the USA. In spite of all the hurdles, Huawei has decided to launch its new “Flagship” mobile. Huawei P40 Pro which is a successor of Huawei P30 pro that launched back in 2019. If we look back in 2019, it was considered one…

Huawei Mate 20 - Still worth to buy in Pakistan?
Huawei Mate 20 – Still worth to buy in Pakistan?

Huawei Mate 20 is another Flagship mobile from Huawei. It is a successor of Huawei Mate 10. Well, Huawei jumped from Mate 10 to Mate 20. The company did the same with the P series, they jumped from to P20 and then to P40 variant. However, Huawei is not the only company to do so….

Huawei P40 - A Flagship Device
Huawei P40 – A Flagship Device

Huawei has run another step in the competitive race of flagship mobiles by deciding to make a launch of Huawei P40 Device which is  P30’s successor. This device is expected to land in Pakistan on Apr 08, 2020. If believed upon the rumors, the Expected Price of Huawei P40 in Pakistan is Rs. 155,999. This…

Huawei P40 Lite and P40 Pro
Huawei P40 Lite and P40 Pro

As always Huawei has decided to introduce the Lite and Pro series of their upcoming flagship mobile, P40. This P series has provided the company with a peak. This is the reason that the Company continues with it. So, Huawei P40 Lite Expected to be launched on Feb 08, 2020. Whereas, the premium Model P40…

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