We are all aware of the issues Huawei has been facing with the USA. In spite of all the hurdles, Huawei has decided to launch its new “Flagship” mobile. Huawei P40 Pro which is a successor of Huawei P30 pro that launched back in 2019. If we look back in 2019, it was considered one of the finest phones from Huawei. With the same hype and finest features, Huawei will launch this phone’s predecessor. Let us see what we are expecting for Huawei in P40 Pro.


Well, From its official images this device looks like a mixture of Samsung galaxy s10 and Samsung galaxy s20 in design. This device is with a light curved screen and no notch and a punch-hole. The punch-hole is on the upper left corner of the front side that carries two cameras. This punch hole is much bigger than the Samsungs Galaxy A51 and Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus. Hopefully, the rear of the phones will be made from ceramic and will carry five cameras. However, the standard version will come with four cameras on the rear side.

HUAWEI P40 Pro Latest News

Credits: huaweiupdate.com

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The screen will have a 120Hz refresh rate in this device. Moreover, Huawei will power this device with one of the finest and latest chipsets known as HiSilicon Kirin 909. The Huawei will pack the SoC of the new upcoming P40 with 6 GB of RAM. The internal storage of the phone will be 128 GB. The usage of the microSD card will be able to enhance the storage capacity of the P40 up to 256 GB.


As mentioned above P40 Pro will carry five cameras on its back. These cameras will be arranged in a rectangular shape with Flash on the lower right corner of the house. There will be a 52MP primary sensor, a 40MP ultra-wide lens same as mate 30 Pro, a 12 MP periscope telephoto lens, a macro lens, and a time-of-flight sensor. P40 will support 10x optical zoom without losing any quality. The video recording in this smartphone will not be of 8k rather it will Record 4K videos.

This smartphone will have two front-facing cameras located in the Punch-hole.

HUAWEI P40 Pro Latest News

Credits: huaweiupdate.com

Operating system

Well, as the specifications are not confirmed yet we can guess that Huawei will introduce there own operating system in this important device. And due to this reason, the device might be launched in some specific regions. Or there can be another strategy by Huawei that they come up with Harmony OS and Android OS together. The user, in this case, will be able to switch between both of the OS according to their desire.

Huawei P40 - A Flagship Device

Credits: Huawei


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We can expect a huge non-removable battery of 5500 mah packed in Huawei P40 pro. Battery this big will help to use applications a bit longer. This huge battery will support fast charging of about 65 Watt, which to me is one of the finest things. This battery will be charged by wireless charging or via type-c cable.


This device will be available in various colors including mint green, black, and white.



Overall, this device is a decent device that will provide you value for your money. One thing this phone lacks is the internal storage capacity. There should be more internal storage capacity like other flagship mobiles. Like its predecessorP30 Pro, it is going to be one of the best phones from Huawei if they can figure a good strategy with the operating system.


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