In their big unpack event Samsung announced their new phone line up. Huge news for all the Samsung fans out there. I’m sure most of you would know this by now, but for those of you who don’t Samsung has good exciting stuff this year. Their new line up is really interesting, with a foldable Galaxy Z Flip, Samsung’s latest flagship phone series, the Samsung Galaxy S20 and S20 Plus (which should include 5G support).

This article will only focus on the major changes and features that Samsung has brought to the table.


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Star of the show

Yes, there are these new galaxy buds coming out, the flip phone is also good but Galaxy S20 is the real deal. All eyes are on the S20 right now. The big question is will it land on the perceived expectation?

So to start it all of with the highly anticipated S20. The S20 has basically two variants the standard S20 and the S20 plus. Then there is the S20 ULTRA. This phone is an outreach. The starting price of the ultra is from $ 1400 which is an insane price tag.

However, the S20 and the S20 Plus are more up to speed for the majority of us. From the S10 and the S10 plus the S20 line up are the main successors.

Samsung made literally the biggest upgrade they could do to their smartphones. And I’m not talking about some tweaks here and there these all upgrades are on the major stuff. The screen, battery, and camera. Considered the highly important areas of the phone.


Screen Specs

The S20 and the S20 plus come in 6.2 and 6.7 inches displays respectively. They possess 120 Hz, Quad HD OLED displays. As demonstrated in the event they have super high resolution, a highly responsive screen with good refresh rates. Considering the specs they should very well have those high-intensity refresh rates to keep them crisp at all times.

They mentioned in the event that they have also doubled the touch sensitivity. Which basically means that it responds to touch input twice as fast. Ultimately, all this will amount to giving users more enhanced gaming and browsing experience on this phone.

New Era new Samsung

Credits: “MKBHD”

The optical fingerprint reader still remains embedded in the screen. The screen is an edge to edge now but without the screen melting to the side panels. I guess Samsung is moving on to better things now. The punch hole front camera is now slimmer and slick looking.


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The Samsung S20 has a much more powerful battery size now. The whole line up is facing a revamping on the battery end. Throughout, from standard S20 which will consist of a 4000 MAH and the S20 Plus will have a 4500 MAH. It seems clear to me that the S20 plus will mostly be preferred by the people. But what can you do about it?

New Era new Samsung

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Unlike Apple, Samsung has to cater to each and every one of its wide demographics. So as discussed in the event Samsung doesn’t want to make them razor-thin, in fact, some slight thickness has been added for the feel. Keeping in mind that with that explosive refresh rate and that 120 Hz screen S20 will require all the battery it can get.

As these killer smartphones are being released over and over the battery level is reaching the sky. Glad to see every smartphone maker is moving in the right direction.

Fast charging of 25 W is there too and wireless charging too.



The standard S20 has a three-camera setup and the S20 plus has a room for an extra depth sensor. I know the camera won’t be as wild as the S20 Ultra but the starting line up also is not coming slow.

New Era new Samsung

Credits: “MKBHD”

The camera specs go like 12 MP main camera, 64 MP telephoto camera, and a 12 MP wide camera. This is not at all bad from a baseline phone. All of these lenses have better and bigger sensors, physically speaking.

New Era new Samsung

Credits: “MKBHD”

As described in the event they will have improved light sensitivity, low light performance and anything else that has to do with photography.

The showstopper here would be that they are all capable of 8K 24 FPS video across the whole line up. This sounds incredible but only time will tell how this all performs. Other than that so far so good.

The Samsung zoom is also one of the highlight features of the phone. Which lets you zoom at an incredible pace.



So yeah that is the S20 line up so far. Only time will tell how this phone is received by the critiques. But for now, enjoy the spec sheet.

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