We are living in an era of technology. Most of the people love to trade online. They purchase and sell their things online. We have seen a precedent increase in the e-commerce business, especially during the great lockdown. However, let us stick to our topic. Whatmobile is one of the most popular websites in Pakistan. Almost each and every internet user in Pakistan has visited this website once in their life.  On the other hand, Phonebox is also a website related to smartphones. Well, in the coming section we will discuss each and every aspect of both of the websites.


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Whatmobile is a website related to smartphones. It is one of the most updated smartphone websites that is currently working in Pakistan. Whenever a customer wants to purchase a mobile he or she definitely visits this website just to know the features and price. Whatmobile is basically developed on the model of Gsmarena which is a Bulgarian company. GSMarena has been working for a long period of time. Similarly, whatmobile is also operating in Pakistan for more than a decade. I think this website is really successful in Pakistan.

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Features & Services

Well, this is an informative website. A person doesn’t need to register to the website to avail of its services. The main thing that website contains is the details about smartphones. Almost the majority of the information about smartphones is correct. In addition to this, the website also shows the price of smartphones. The price is almost 95% authentic. The overall user interface of this website also very easy, within just a few clicks you can get the required information. Moreover, this website updates almost on a daily basis. Whenever there is news or a rumor for the release of mobile. It is published on the website along with the expected release date.

Well about the specifications of the smartphone. It is exactly like Gsmarena. All information is present in the specification table. There are although a minor human error in the specification tables. However, the website is still worthy. In addition to this, the website also has review sections, in which there are articles on mobile phones. However, this section is rarely updated.


If we talk about the authenticity of their material. I would say that information available on the website is about 95% correct. There is minor human error. Under their Disclaimer section, they mentioned that all mobile prices are updated daily from the local mobile shops, however, there are chances of human error.


Just like whatmobile, Phonebox is also a website related to mobile phones. However, the services are entirely different. There is a little similarity between both of these websites. Well, we will be looking at the features and services under the next heading.

Features & Services

Well, this website doesn’t just tell you about the specification and prices. It also helps you to sell and purchase the smartphone. In addition to this, the articles regarding smartphone reviews are also present on the website. If you want to sell your smartphone, then this is the best platform you had. Create an account and post an ad on your smartphone. One of the best things on this website is that you can also request a smartphone from a phonebox. Simply, go to this link of Request a Phone. Enter your credentials and request them a phone. You will shortly be reached. In addition to this, Phonebox also offers certified phones. In certified phones, the warranties are given to the customer. You can also check ads from the website if you want to purchase a used smartphone.


Well, If we talk about authenticity, I would say Phonebox is an authentic website. As they will give you certain warranties on certified phones.  In addition to this, you can also hire from the phonebox to verify and check your smartphone. Well, regarding authenticity, if the Phonebox was not authentic then it would never provide any kind of warranties to its customer. I would say it is the best market place to purchase and sell the used smartphones. you can see in the picture below as it is taken from the website of Phonebox.

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Similarities in Phonebox and Whatmobile

Well, finally we can conclude that both websites are totally different in regards to functionality and service. Although there is very little similarity between them. The first thing is that both websites contain reviews and articles on smartphones. However, on Whatmobile the reviews and articles are not updated frequently. Whereas, on the phonebox, around 3 articles are published weekly. Similarly, you can also get information about mobiles from both of the websites. However, on whatmobile, you might find more specification oriented

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