Xiaomi Mi Note 10 is finally coming out this January. This is the latest iteration in their note series. The Mi Note 9 was released last year February. It’s a good decision on Xiaomi’s end to kick the year of big. With their Note 10, they headed in the right direction. This article will be a brief overview of the Mi Note 10. What the Mi Note 10 would have to offer?

So as of now we only know about the specifications as well as the expected price.



Now let us get down to brass taxes here, shall we! The Mi Note 10 has a Penta camera set up. With lens ranging up to 108 megapixels. If you look at Mi note 10 closely, it resembles a lot to the Huawei P30 pro. Take a look for yourself:

Xiaomi Mi Note 10 launch is confirmed

Side by side comparison of both phones


The resemblance is really uncanny. But as the P30 pro being on the higher end with waterproofing features it should be noted that tread carefully with the Mi Note 10.


The Mi Note 10 has a five-camera setup. Let’s start from the top, there is a 5 MP 5x telephoto lens. A 12 MP with a 2x telephoto lens. 108 MP quad main camera. Below this set up there is an ultrawide lens also which consists of a 20 MP lens. I know crazy right?

I mean the things that these up and coming tech companies are doing. They are gradually erasing the mentality of having an expensive phone. Nowadays with Xiaomi and other brands like these are making phones with much more added value at an affordable price.

However as of now, not much cannot be said about the camera’s results and performance. As the Mi note, 10 is a new entrant in the Pakistani market. So reviews will slowly pile in. But the specs sheet is remarkable.


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Screen & Design

The Mi Note 10 has a 6.47 inch AMOLED display with a resolution ranging up to 1080p. Xiaomi still stuck with the teardrop notch cut. Which has been a highly adapted design of 2019. Well, I feel that they should’ve gone notch-less this time around. Pulling up no stops along the way.


Moreover, it has an optical fingerprint scanner embedded in the screen. So with the Mi Note 10, it looks pretty good and smooth in running. Judging by the demonstration given by Xiaomi. Of course, it’s a newer version of the fingerprint scanner. Unlike we have seen on any Xiaomi phones yet. Faster and accurate.

Xiaomi Mi Note 10 launch is confirmed

Optical Fingerprint display

Another thing that you get with the Mi Note 10 is an IR blaster. Which can be used to control electronic appliances. That’s really neat.

Xiaomi Mi Note 10 launch is confirmed

IR Blaster



Not much can be said about the audio quality of the Mi Note 10. However, it has a bottom-firing loudspeaker. And and and you all will be pleased to know the headphone jack survived. It’s 2020 and I can safely say the 3.5 mm headphone jack lives on.

Shoutout to Xiaomi actually pondering upon the user’s needs and all.

Xiaomi Mi Note 10 launch is confirmed

Audio Setup


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The Mi Note 10 has a 128 GB of storage onboard. The pro version has a 256 GB. The downside to the storage is that it isn’t expandable by an SD card. There is always a solution to every problem. You can always use cloud storage to get yourself going.



To have all other features side by side can be compromised. But the mobile processors are one thing people make their purchase decision.

Therefore, it is safe to say that the Note Mi 10 is one of the most powerful mid-range phones from Qualqoa. Possessing a snapdragon 730G along with a 6GB ram. This type of processor line up is bested by flagship phone. Only time will tell it’s performance.


Battery life

The Mi Note 10 packs a massive 5269 mAh battery. Which is the next level even for Xiaomi’s standards. Internationally it was able to secure a second place in battery endurance. It was beaten by One Plus 7T pro. For a proprietary battery test.

Note 10 supports 30-watt fast charging based on the USB power delivery. Xiaomi claims that fast charging will be able to give 50% charging in 30 minutes. If this is true, then that’s impressive.

Xiaomi Mi Note 10 launch is confirmed

Fast Charging


But really it all boils down to how it performs in the end. When actually used and tested properly. Otherwise, the specs sheet is looking awesome it seems for a mid-range phone.




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