The Mi Note 10 was confirmed last year by Xiaomi. There had been a lot of speculation around its jawdropping specs. The Mi Note 10’s camera set up was the talk of the table. It really is an eye-opener. 108 megapixels. Are you for real Xiaomi?

It was unveiled today in Pakistan. And I must say it looks really good.


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External outlook

The Mi Note 10 this time comes in some new exciting colors. For instance Aurora Green, Glacier White, and Midnight Black. Moreover, midnight black was a winner for me. I personally like it the best. However, it all comes down to preferences.

Secondly, it’s really a snug phone once handheld. The well crafted curved edges make it so. It has a 6.47 inch AMOLED display.

Thirdly, Xiaomi is still sticking with the teardrop camera at the front. One the back you have their trademark Penta camera set up.

The Mi Note 10 has an optical fingerprint scanner embedded in the screen. The trend that was largely adopted in 2019.



Its Penta camera set up is the reason for its high anticipation. More importantly Mi Note 10’s 108-megapixel camera. Which is massive even if you say it out loud. So let’s break down the camera line up there is a 5 MP 5x telephoto lens. A 12 MP with a 2x telephoto lens. 108 MP quad main camera. Below this set up there is an ultrawide lens also. Which consists of a 20 MP lens.

Xiaomi Smashes 2020 with its highly anticipated Mi Note 10



Xiaomi really has set a high benchmark this time around. However, the question remains, is the camera any good. Short answer, YES! It performs really well and gives DSLR like photographs; mostly images snapped are cinematic type.

But there is a slight crux to it. This part is tricky. By changing into different lens the image quality and result varies. It’s not consistent in giving full top-notch photos.

There is an option of vlogging which seemed to be a gimmick at first. But it’s proven to be really useful. It speeds up the process of making genuinely high-quality sharable content om social media. No editing required.

With all being said this is just the launch phase. Once it has gotten matured in the market this we’ll be able to rightly judge the camera.

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Let’s talk about audio first. I’m very pleased to note that Xiaomi has not forgotten about its users. By that, I mean the headphone jack. Its 2020 and still the headphone jack survives. Along with the headphone jack is a single firing speaker. Which is still not better than a dual speaker set up.


Xiaomi Smashes 2020 with its highly anticipated Mi Note 10


Battery life

The Mi Note 10 has a mammoth-sized battery; 5269 mAh battery. Which is really a huge number. From the international standards, it lacked in some ways as not giving up its full potential. 5269 mAh is a massive number. Most flagships don’t even possess this kind of battery pack.

Maybe all the inefficiencies maybe address once it’s on the market. The Mi Note 10 has fully penetrated all markets. Through a software or firmware update, it may very well be solved.


Xiaomi Smashes 2020 with its highly anticipated Mi Note 10



The Mi Note 10 has a snapdragon 730 G with a 6GB ram. It is considered the most powerful mid-range phones out in the market. While many people would prefer to get a snapdragon 855. Therefore it’s all about the preference level.

Most people might be hesitant about getting this phone. As the awareness level is not high. The consumer mind is stuck on Apple and Samsung. But I urge all you people especially in Pakistan to try this brand. They are paving way for people like us who prefer affordable phones. Moreover, packing these affordable phones with a spec sheet that is bested only by flagships.


Xiaomi Smashes 2020 with its highly anticipated Mi Note 10

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The standard Mi Note 10 comes with only 128 GB of internal storage. There is no expandable memory option. Hence, those of you who are on the upper tier and need something big, the Note 10 Pro is your cup of tea.

However, that might cost you more money. I would recommend opting for cloud storage rather than down your money for some extra space.


Xiaomi Smashes 2020 with its highly anticipated Mi Note 10




This all boils down to the price point. All specs, design and cutting edge features are great but if the price is skyrocketing then it highly questions. The point is over here in Pakistan people are really particular on the price point. If the price slightly resembles the higher brands such as Samsung or Apple then there is no chance.

So the starting price of Mi Note 10 is 80,000 PKR.

The Mi Note 10 pro amounts to 95,000 PKR. 

Now that is a hefty even for a lower brand such as Xiaomi. OK, I get it the spec sheet is awesome and all but the value retention of these phones are not good. At this price, a person would likely get an iPhone 10. So if you’re someone who highly interested in getting this phone, think and wait!

Have a look at how the market receives the Mi Note 10. Plus waiting will result in a break down of pricing. Hence don’t rush into buying this phone.

For now, the Mi Note 10 looks incredible. However, the question is how will it perform in the Pakistani market? This market is dominated by Apple and Samsung. But I feel that this phone could really make a difference in diverting people. It’s basically upon the Mi Note 10 how well will it conform to its features. If it doesn’t perform it will be bashed real quick real fast.





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